Prinknash Rosaries



Rosary Prices


5 Decade

                                                                 Post & Vat extra

10 mm   CORD ROSARY  Retail      £6.90        “            “


8 mm     CORD ROSARY  Retail      £6.30        “            “


7 mm     CORD ROSARY  Retail      £6.10        “            “



10 mm   CHAIN ROSARY  Retail     £13.70       “            “


8 mm     CHAIN ROSARY  Retail    £10.95        “            “


7 mm     CHAIN ROSARY Retail     £11.90        “            “


COLOURS:   Black, Natural, Dark brown, Light brown, Dark green, Green,

                  Light blue, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange.



 If an order is received (for example) for a black rosary, we will supply it with black

 ‘Hail Mary’ beads and contrasting ‘Our Father’ beads. If special combinations are

 required, please state particulars when ordering.


We usually have a stock of cord rosaries in hand, but chain rosaries are

made to order and there may be some delay before we can supply.



REPAIRS:             CORD ROSARIES       from     £2.25  

                           CHAIN ROSARIES      from     £4.00        



SPECIALITIES:          Rosaries made with 6mm size beads; fifteen-decade rosaries;

                                ‘Crown’ rosaries; ‘Medieval’ rosaries and single decades

                                can be made to order.  Prices on request. 


Rosary enquiries should be addressed to adrianjones@waitrose.com

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