Subiaco Cassinese

Benedictine Congregation



The Subiaco Benedictine Congregation started in 1851 as a Province within the ancient Italian Cassinese Benedictine Congregation (founded by Pope Gregory XII in 1408). Since this new Province, with its leader Abbot Pier Francesco Casaretto, followed a much stricter observance of the Rule of Saint Benedict, with a strong missionary thrust towards distant parts of the world outside Italy (something unknown in the Cassinese) it gradually became impossible for it to remain within the Cassinese framework, and a new Congregation was formed in 1867 (The Cassinese Congregation of the Primitive Observance) which received full Papal approval in 1872 and, in 1959, changed its name to the Subiaco Benedictine Congregation. With the passage of time, the “mother” and “daughter” Congregations were gradually reconciled and, in 2012, the Subiaco General Chapter voted the incorporation of the Cassinese Congregation into that of Subiaco. This move received Papal approval in January 2013.


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Pietro Casaretto and the Beginnings of the Subiaco Congregation O.S.B.

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